Welcome to LAFS pizza contemporanea. The unique, unrivaled, unequaled and unprecendent Gourmet Pizza Temple in Bali

We are passionate about authenticity and our mission is to preserve tradition by offering only the best quality with seasonal ingredients.

Who we are

Lievito (yeast) Acqua (water) Farina (flour) Sale (salt) – The four main ingredients of every Pizza and also acronym of our name – LAFS. Bringing the first roman style Pizza al taglio to Bali. A new tasting intinerary with our interpretation of contemporary Pizza with a variety of high quality ingredients and daily rotations according to their availabilty

Our pizza

Our gourmet sheet-pan pizza roman style is inspired by the glorious pizza al taglio romana, and we highlight that the foundation of pizza starts with the 4 main ingredients (yeast, water, flour and salt) acronym of the 4 Italian words into LAFS.

What differentiates pizza al taglio from other styles is its airiness. It’s light and fluffy yet thick enough to be topped with cheese, freshest vegetables, meats and various other ingredients without fear of crumbling apart.

The whole process takes over 3 days of slow fermentation and natural proofing with just a handful of carefully selected ingredients. Unbleached and unbromated flour, extra virgin olive oil, salt and water. The long and slow leavening process gives the crust a deep and unique flavor, an airy and light structure and makes the pizza rich in nutrients and incredibly easy to digest.